Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Easy with a magic pencil...

The things are...
1. I got faster!
2. I became more confident that it would not turn out to be terrible.
3. I discovered that if you are rushed or not in the mood (which I found out is the "closed mode") you may as well draw a piece of shit because that's what it's gunna look like! It just does not work! Contrary to that, when you're free, patient and enthused surprisingly good things appear beneath the pencil!
4. Why did I ever stop? That's 5 years of practice I could have had that I didn't...

Another ace thing is that this project has inspired Ricky to do 100 days of portraiture (I can't link to that as it's all on Facebook, but here's his other work:, someone else to do 30 days of drawing after not drawing for years also... and other people to just do creative things. Which is actually the best part for me! I love seeing people do things they love!

I have asked for a 4-day working week instead of 5, as I've got plans for things to do with that day. I reckon I'll just keep this going after a few weeks' break and start up something else alongside it. So please stay with me for more daily drawings and links to whatever else comes along!

Adios muchachos for a few weeks :)

Day #100!

Ending with my Dazzle.

Day #99... I FORGOT....

I forgot! It is the first day I have forgotten and it is day #99! I blame it on 2 nights out in a row! No drawing today folks. Just a darn good Mexican party!

Day #98

Day #97: It can only be explained by a photo

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day #89.

Day #88

Day #87. Mask.

Day #86

Day #85: For Philipp & Inga

Hey Philipp and Inga. It is a wanker (as per our conversation the other night!)

Day #84

I went to a dancing performance and then DJs. I tucked the paper down my pants, and the pencil up the leg of my leggins, and I sketched the show in the semi-darkness of the Palace.

Day #83

Day #82. Top hanging on door.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day #73 - #81

Well a computer and scanner definitely help!
There is a day missing below. That is because I was on the train and I did a really good drawing of a man on there. And I could not sacrifice the kick I got out of giving it to him for the sake of keeping it for scanning. So I gave it to him and that was very fun!

My USB device called "Zip Zip". Currently in the hands of somebody else but he has assured me he will keep it like as if it's an egg.

Whilst watching "Whisker Wars" on television.

 Some girl at a bar.

 I drew this Boronia for Dave's museum animation.

Quick life drawing sketch.

It's Yannie, the Wildlife Smuggler!

Quick sketch Dale and guitar.


 OK: At two minutes to midnight I remembered to do a drawing. This is attempt #1, #2 and #3!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

They're coming

The other night I went out to see some classical music and when I got home I found a computer on the table that Dale had built for me while I was out.... So now I have a computer, which means I can use my scanner... which means I can upload all those missing sketches you so desire to see!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day #70

"Tell me about yourself Cog..."
"Well, I arrived during the Jurassic period..." (It's true)

Day #69: Dr Air Wear Martens

Buying shoes from the op-shop can be tricky!
Buying non-leather shoes from the op-shop can be tricker.
And if I were to find non-leather boots in great condition from the op-shop I probably should enter the $31 million super-draw.
Instead I told the doctor of my issues and he perfectly prescribed me fully vegan brand new 8-hole boots with some high-school nostalgia and delivered by mail for an extra excitable Burschi.

Day #68: New housemate

Day #67

So Nicole! I did keep erasing and redrawing this but it was not capturing you, however I thought you'd like to see my attempt. The one I did with my toes I swear will give you nightmares!

I also drew these which I forgot about. These are being at the computer. Blergh!

Day #66. From the name alone.

So I didn't pay attention to the article or the email you sent about Mrs Schmidberger Alex when I drew this one. I only remembered the name vaguely and this is the first impression I had from just the name.

And of course I would not let this woman cut my hair! I think now that I know Miss Schmidberger is a Miss and that she is 55 and hairdresses crazy Gingerbread house people I would make her very VERY different. Maybe I will do another version based on this witch lady instead!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day #65

The screen on my laptop has died, so I have not been able to scan my pics over Easter - but as you see - I still pursue my goal!

Day #64. Winnie cleans the dishes.

Day #63

I saw these little guys when I was riding home a week ago! Then a few nights later I rode past a ringtail that'd only just been hit by a car. He was dead but with no blood or anything. So I carried him off the road and put him under a tree, then went home and drew these ones for that little dude.

Day #62